Many physiotherapists experience difficulties in their search for a replacement physiotherapist. However, it is necessary to be able to be replaced in all confidence and serenity when you are a physiotherapist. More than 25,000 colleagues have adopted the application for free to practice in France. Here is why.

1- Physician replacement: the problem
2- Limited means for physiotherapists
3- Rempleo: the solution

Physician replacement: the problem

The 2018 and subsequent educational reforms have not helped ease the crisis in the kinetic replacement. Many colleagues are retiring and too few new physical therapists are graduating to replace them.

In addition, the pandemic and the need for security for young replacement physiotherapists make it preferable to have an assistant or a collaboration when the future of health care and therefore the possibilities of practicing as a nomad are uncertain.

Finally, more than 90% of the replacement physiotherapists surveyed confide in us that they want to spend more time with each patient and less time in the office. This positive trend for the well-being of the profession leads to a gap between the number of treatments needed and the availability of the profession for these treatments.

Limited means for physiotherapists

So we can find a replacement physiotherapist on Facebook groups. And let an advertising algorithm dictate who will receive a notification and who will see our replacement ad.

To have more luck, we can even put our personal information, our dates of absence and our address directly on the group, at the risk that they fall into the wrong hands. The security of our data and our firms is not to be taken lightly.

Facebook is no longer the place to post your replacement physio ads. 1% of young people have already abandoned the platform, which means that our new colleagues will be less and less present there.

The Physiorama forum is another option. But will a young physiotherapist looking for a job scroll through pages of text blocks looking for the right job? No filter, no notification, and not even mobile adaptation… a service at the cost of personal data and several tens of euros (up to 94 euros), with no guarantee of finding the rare pearl.

Rempleo: the solution

It is always difficult to find a replacement physiotherapist quickly and efficiently because the proposed tools are not really efficient or easy to use.

This is the observation made by a team of computer scientists and physiotherapists who created Rempleo with two initial objectives:

  • to ensure the continuity of care for their patients when they are attending a practice by finding replacements more easily
  • to be able to safely find the position that will make you want to progress in your vocation when you are a young replacement

Rempleo makes your daily life easier with a clear and precise interface that quickly meets your needs if you are an attending. The contract is generated directly in app, you sign it by hand on your mobile and we take care of the rest. Everything is secure, the sending to the order of physiotherapists is operated by us.

The application is free to allow the greatest number of colleagues to access it: the physiotherapy community should not have to pay to avoid burn-out.

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